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West Coast Shaving: http://www.westcoastshaving.com 
Your source for all the top shaving products from traditional wet shave brands sourced from around the world. Shaving creams, double edge safety razors, straight razors, shaving brushes and aftershaves. We've got everything you need to transform your shave from a daily chore into a few minutes of relaxing "me time" which so many of us need in our lives. Great selection, better prices, and service with more than a smile.

Executive Shaving: http://www.executive-shaving.co.uk 
Executive Shaving offers quality, top-end shaving products and shaving accessories online, to discerning gentlemen in the UK, Europe and beyond. All of the shaving products that are featured on the Executive Shaving website, are designed by the top names in gentleman's products in the UK, namely Taylor of Old Bond Street, Edwin Jagger and Cyril R Salter.

Charles Nicholls: http://charlesnicholls.co.uk 
Charles Nicholls pride ourselves on offering only the best quality shaving products and shaving accessories to our online clientele. Although our online shaving product store is based in the UK , we cater for discerning gentlemen all over the world.

ClassicShaving.com http://www.classicshaving.com 
ClassicShaving.com is the widely acknowledged one-stop source for Men's Classic Traditional Shaving and Grooming needs. Whether you prefer straight razor or safety razor, soap or cream, economical or extravagant you'll find it all.

Shavemac.com http://www.shavemac.com 
Visit the Shavemac Internet shop for wet shaving products where you will find a great selection of first class shaving brushes, razors, shaving sets and shaving related skin care products. Customized selections, engraving, and repair services are also available!

QED USA: http://www.qedusa.com 
We specialize in men's shaving and grooming toiletries, particularly those wonderful products that could be found in every barbershop 50 or more years ago. At that time, the barbershop was a decidedly masculine oasis, a mini social club, where - along with his haircut and shave - a gentleman was pampered with an incredible assortment of scented tonics and lotions. We invite you to indulge in a bit of nostalgia, and discover why these products have survived through the years. We offer reasonable prices, top service and a secure shopping cart. The best way to test our commitment to your satisfaction is to place an order.

The Gentleman's Shop: http://www.gentlemans-shop.com 
The Gentleman's Shop is a specialist independent retailer established in 1997, trading online since 1999. We offer the finest quality, traditional products, carefully chosen to appeal to our discerning customers.

Em's Place: http://www.emsplace.com 
Men's Wet Shaving Supplies, Grooming Items and Information - includes shaving brushes and accessories, personal care products and other items of interest for him. Great for gift ideas too!

Nancy Boy: http://www.nancyboy.com/
Nancy Boy is San Francisco's acclaimed line of body, bath & home products made exclusively from natural plant essences. They also offer a fabulous range of men's shaving products including shave cream, after shave, and pre-shave oil!

Saint Charles Shave: http://www.saintcharlesshave.com/
Offering a full line of gentlemen's shaving products including the popular "New Spice" range of shaving soap, aftershave, body lotion, shampoo, and more!

Pacific Shaving Company: http://www.pacificshaving.com/
Featuring an All Natural Shaving Oil that offers a consistently smooth shave while reducing nicks and razor burn. It also leaves your face conditioned and moisturized.

The English Shaving Company: http://www.theenglishshavingcompany.com/
The English Shaving Company brings you an extensive range of handmade Edwin Jagger shaving accessories, shaving creams and aftershaves. All our exclusive shaving products are available for online ordering.

Vulfix Old Original: http://www.vulfixoldoriginal.com/
Progress Vulfix has been producing shaving brushes for over half a century and is the premier manufacturer of badger brushes in the United Kingdom. The company is renowned for its value for money, top of the range products and has gained a first class reputation for service in the wet shaving market.

The Well Shaved Gentleman: http://www.thewellshavedgentleman.com/
Home of the Heirloom Razor Strop Company. Manufacturer of hanging, paddle and vintage style strops, Purveyor of shaving sets and fine razors.

Juliet's Day Spa: http://www.julietsdayspa.com/
Juliet's Day Spa is a premium skincare treatment spa specializing in laser skin and hair treatment, microdermabrasion skin resurfacing, and chemical peel facials. They also carry a full range of shaving products for men from Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Tones Barber Shop: http://www.tonesbarbershop.co.uk/
A family business supplying high quality shaving and grooming products to the discerning customer. We carry traditional lines not easily found sometimes, as well as the most modern designs and colours.

Straight Razor Designs: http://www.straightrazordesigns.com/
Offering custom made straight razors, hand crafted by Maestro Lido Livi. Razors offered in 5/8, 6/8 and 7/8 widths. Other widths can be requested as well.

Lee's Safety Razors: http://www.leesrazors.com/
We offer the finest selection of Merkur Safety Razors and other great Shaving Accessories.

Edwin Jagger: http://www.edwinjagger.com
Edwin Jagger, established in 1988, designs and manufactures a variety of classic and contemporary high quality wet shaving accessories. Expert design, carefully selected materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes combined with hand finishing result in absolute product perfection.

Appearances for Men: http://www.appearancesformen.com
The key to a good shave is Healthy Skin. Appearances for Men is about grooming and our main focus is you. The products we source, or created and tested are efficient and exclusive to appearancesformen.com. Use our Face Tools and build a better face.

Enchante: http://www.enchanteonline.com
EnchanteOnline provides men and women a unique array of fine products to promote the health and beauty of your skin.

Fine Shaving: http://www.fineshaving.com
Everything for your shaving needs can be found at Knoxville Cigar. Brands like Truefitt & Hill, D.R. Harris, Geo. F. Trumper, Caswell-Massey just to name a few.

The Old'e English Shavingshop: http://www.shavingshop.co.za/
Offering a wide variety of shavingbrushes, razors, combs and hair brushes are all painstakingly hand crafted just as they were over 100 years ago. We also offer a fine selection of toilet requisites such as shaving soaps, aftershave balms, a fine selection of hair care products and other tonics of old

Bon Savon Soaps: http://www.bonsavon.com
From exquisitely scented French soap to handmade, pure olive oil soap, we have selected the world's finest bars to suit everyone's taste.

Great Razors: http://www.greatrazors.com
All of the razors we sell are Cryogenically Tempered (frozen) down to -300 F to improve the strength & durability of the blade. Our Cryogenic Tempering Process makes our razors the longest lasting razors you can buy.

Blademail: http://www.blademail.com
I just discovered this site from the MSN Wetshavers group. Looks promising. Here is their description:
At Blademail, we deliver a great shave straight to your door. We sell genuine branded razors, blades and shaving accessories, our prices are razor sharp and our service second-to-none.


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